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Connecting With People, Not Just Meeting People

My partner and I just moved to a new community. The day after we moved in, he put his shoes on and grabbed the dog’s leashes. I was amazed he was going for a walk; I was exhausted. When he returned, he told me he’d met a bunch of people on his journey.

“What do you mean? You just…walked up to them and introduced yourself?”

“Yep,” he said. Then he proceeded to tell me all their stories. When I teased him, he said, “Don’t you want to connect with our neighbors?”

Not meet…connect. It got me thinking about how important that is. I tend to be a bit shy and don’t always feel comfortable putting myself out there. I decided I would explore new ways to get connected to people and communities, even if that means stepping outside my comfort zone.

Here are some ideas I’ve thought about to connect with….

My Friends
They know me pretty well but are there ways I can connect more deeply with them? Probably. One thought I had was organizing a volunteer event with my friends for something I’m really passionate about. Sharing that with them would definitely forge a deeper connection.

My Colleagues
Work is a great place to form lasting friendships and connections. Making time to share a meal with your colleagues or get to know each other outside of work hours goes a long way.

My Neighborhood
Take a walk on a sunny day and connect with people who are out and about. Use an app designed to get communities connected to find out about events and opportunities. And then show up. We use an app called MeetUp to connect with like minded folks on various things we are into, or wanting to try.

Modo’s Yoga Sangha
Modo Yoga Minneapolis and Seed Cafe often host events – vegan potlucks, Trivia Night, volunteer events, and many more. Try checking one out and connect with people who share your passion for practice and healthy food.

Making connections is an excellent way to broaden your perspective, learn new things, and open the door to opportunities you may have never imagined.