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You Deserve it!

We so often reward ourselves with choices that don’t make us feel better. I’m exhausted from the day; I deserve to binge-watch television. I’ve been exercising more; I’ve earned more junk food.

What if we flipped this dialogue to reward ourselves with healthy choices? I’m tired; I deserve rest and am going to bed early. I’ve been spending more time exercising; I deserve less work and am going to eat out and order something healthy. When we do this, we are practicing self-love. We are saying deserve to be treated well. 

Of course, treating yourself well can be difficult. I have gotten into a rut of watching several hours of television at night. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it isn’t right for me. I turn to it as an escape, knowing it exacerbates feelings of isolation and discontent. It also directly affects my yoga practice. The only time that works well for me to practice is 6:00 am, which doesn’t jive with a late bedtime. Trading morning yoga for an extra hour of Netflix at night is not a reward. It is self-defeat. When I choose to go to bed early and attend yoga, I feel great. I never regret this choice.

When it is hard to practice self-love, I remind myself that making good “me choices” benefits everyone around me. While it may seem selfish to spend an hour away from my family at yoga, it adds to our time together because I feel good.

Rather than falling into old ruts, let’s make our 2020 mantra “I deserve healthy choices.” Then, let Modo help. Attend classes, join challenges, volunteer, listen to class intentions and eat healthy food at Seed Café. You can read stories like Sober Surprise and Personal Construction Project from yogis who are brave enough to make healthy choices, or you can get ideas from Easy Tips for Leading a Healthy Lifestyle.   

Making better choices isn’t always easy, but you deserve it.

Written by Kim Richards