Leah D. (she/her)

Teacher | Student

Leah was at the very first class offered by Modo Minneapolis! After years of distance running and the injuries that go with it, she turned to yoga and found that it not only healed her injuries, but also provided a sense of peace and clarity. After completing her first 30 day challenge, this ignited a passion in Leah to train as a yoga instructor. She completed her Modo teacher training in beautiful Victoria, British Colombia and is thrilled to be a part of a community that is so positive and healthy.

Leah is thankful for her family (Erik, Berit and Griffin), for her inspiring teachers Ryann and Phil, and the co-founders of Moksha Yoga Jess Robertson and Ted Grand.

Leah continues to work as a visual arts teacher and enjoys reading, gardening with her children, biking, running and camping.