highlights of the new app

Highlights Of The New iPhone App!

Why the New Modo App is Awesome.
Full confession, while I have been a Modo member for nearly four years, I’ve probably only pre-registered six times – four of which were in the past two weeks. I hated pre-registering on the website and never got into the habit (sorry Modo staff!) but I love the new iPhone app (Android app coming Spring 2020). In fact, it’s pretty awesome. Here’s why.

The format is easy to follow. Everything you need is there and what you don’t isn’t. Class registration and personal stats are front and center. A bottom menu shows two additional options: “buy” where you can purchase items like memberships and workshops, and “account” where you can update personal information and check out your reservation history. Accessing this much information would have taken me and a staff member 30 minutes a month ago, now it can be done in seconds.

This is my favorite. When you open the app, you immediately see how many classes you have taken. Touch the number and you go to stats where you can see studios visited, instructors worked with, and the day you became a member. Seeing the number of classes taken makes it so easy to set goals. You might think about completing 20 classes before the new year, or for those who like clean numbers getting to 50, 100, 250, 700 or whatever your goal classes-taken number may be. I have really enjoyed this feature and feel proud of my work to-date: member since January 18, 2016; 259 classes and counting. If you don’t know your stats yet, try to guess first!

No, this is not a social anything app. It does, however, have features that make it easy to stay involved. Under “buy” you can register to volunteer and see other upcoming events. You can share your stats too. A quick click and your classes-taken number is ready to message to a friend — who will certainly send you a high-five, thumbs up or super smiley emoji. I also like that there are instructor photos on class descriptions, putting a face to a name is always helpful for building community.

If you don’t have the iPhone app yet, don’t worry. Just follow these instructions put together by the Modo team:

Written by Kim Richards