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Live Awake Yoga & Meditation Series

These inspiring classes are in collaboration with the Minneapolis Zen Center. The fees for the class go directly to their building fund and together we will grow our practice!  Every class will include a short Dharma Talk, Yoga Practice and a seated meditation practice.  Get your Zen on to start 2020!

The cost will be $50 per person for the 4 weeks session or $15 for one session

General Info:

  • There will be four events, one on each Sunday in January from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm.
  • Basic structure (suggested): 20-minute dharma talk, 30 minute Yoga, 10 minutes guided meditation
  • The first event will be handled by Phil and Ryann (Modo owners/directors), this will be their last classes before they leave for Australia
  • All events will have Modo yoga teachers instructing the yoga portion
  • The room will be set at a moderate 90° F
  • The “Hot Room” at Modo can hold 60 people


Sunday, January 5th @ 1:30 pm
Dharm Talk: “Pain Wakes Us Up” with Philly D
Yoga Teacher:  Ryann Doucette

Sunday, January 12th @ 1:30 pm
Dharma Talk:  Four Noble Truths with Zen Meditation teacher Ted O’Toole
Yoga Teacher: Philly D

Sunday, January 19th @ 1:30pm
Dhamra Talk:  The Bodhisattva Way with Zen Meditation teacher Mark Turbak
Yoga Teacher: Kim Cloutier

Sunday, January 26th @ 1:30pm
Dharma Talk:  Mindfulness in Daily Life with Zen Meditation teacher Carrie Garcia
Yoga Teacher: Nat Haugen

How To Sign Up

  1. On your iOS app or our website, purchase the Live Awake package you want.  You can’t put yourself in the class until you buy the Live Awake credits.
  2. Go to the schedule page on the iOS app or website and add yourself to the class.