I cannot pretend to have mind space for a subject other than the coronavirus or to have something clever or substantial to share. These are trying times that are affecting us all in a very real, visceral way. This month, I had intended to write a post focused on the green pillar of Modo Yoga. While green practices are always important, these days they are not foremost on our minds. What I can say is that nature is everything. It is the place from which this horrible virus has risen, and it is the place from which we can draw solace, comfort, and eventually a vaccine.

At a time when so many businesses have been forced to close their doors, nature is opening. Spring is here and we will soon see grass turn green and flowers bloom. These changes are welcome as we turn to the outdoors more than ever for exercise and a moment to breathe. I often challenge myself and my children to be still in nature and make three observations. Today, I noticed the size of my daughter’s small hands as she dug a hole in rich dark earth mixed with bits of plants, three “v” shapes made by ducks gliding in a pond, and the way a group of dried flower heads looked against a reflection of trees.

I am so grateful to live in this beautiful state and for the Modo community. When I practice yoga, I am more aware of my breath, which reminds me to pause and see nature. I am reminded that we are part of a community that supports one another and we all, everyone person in the world, stand on the same ground, the same earth. We are in this together and we are strong together.

Take a moment to breathe. Pause to see nature. As you are able, support the Modo community and yourself by participating in online classes and staying connected.

Until this tempest pasts, enjoy the wind.

by Kim Richards