pick a spot


What is pick-a-spot?

The new feature allows you to select a spot for your mat in our practice rooms, just like you might for a concert or other event. 

How do I do it?

Visit our website or app and click the RESERVE for the class you want to attend. This will open the map. You choose your number and finish the booking by clicking RESERVE CLASS.

Can I change my spot?

Absolutely. Just come to the front desk and we can swap your spot!

Do I have to pre-register for class now?

No, you can still just show up. When you check in at the front desk our teacher will assign you a spot. PRO TIP: you can book the class up to 5 mins before class. So when you know you can make it, pull out the app and pick your spot.

What do I  do when I get to the studio?

When you arrive check in with the teacher at the front desk.  They will check you as ARRIVED. There is no more geo check-in, so please say hello to the teacher so they know you’re here for the class.

Why did you activate these new features?

  1. Some of you require the support of a wall and can be guaranteed access to those spaces
  2. It sure is nice to be able to book beside the friend you are meeting at class or the guest you are bringing for the first time 
  3. And yup, we’ve all just got that favorite spot 

Where do I put my mat now?

where you put your mat