Inspired Life – My Teacher Training Experience

By: Natalie Haugen

A little over one year ago, I boarded a plane from Seattle to Kelowna, British Columbia. My partner and I had spent two weeks biking and hiking our way west and I was going to spend the next month leaning and falling deeper in to my practice. Thankful for a partner who I knew would take care of our home and animals. He knew this would be fulfilling for me (maybe even more than I did).

I leapt into new friendships with that nervous feeling you get before you jump from a clif into a lake. Opening circle was a blur. The fourteen hour days sometimes felt like 100 hours but somehow each week went by in a blink. I missed my bed and partner, but I slept so soundly each night a found a profound sense of home in the company of each of the 58 trainees. Ages 16- 60, our training sangha walked in content sleepy silence to 6:30 asana every morning, breathed together all day and learned until the end of our evening lecture at 7pm. I grew so much from each of them and each of my teachers at Modo Level 1 training.

Closing circle felt like saying goodbye to a family member; we were all stronger, more receptive, expressive and open. What lead us to training differed but we all left with a deep sense of community and how to really cherish the breath and practice. I slept and cried on my overnight flight home. I slept and cried even more once I was home; it was like a week long release from my strenuous month. Nothing felt the same at home; my compassion had expanded permanently. I became more in tune, awake and sensitive. Going back to my favorite vice, caffeine, practicing in a room without my level 1 class and waking without a day full of lectures, it all seemed so foriegn. My old routine was changed because I had changed.

I jumped head first into practice teaching and starting my distance learning projects. It took me a whole 11 months. Each project was a practice in itself and distance learning an ultimate practice in self study.

The challenge of teaching made me dig deeper, a familiar feeling from training. Learning continued with every practice. I am humbled by my practice, my teaching practice, and our sangha. The more I learn, the more there is to learn.

Time spent in Kelowna can’t be brought back but the international modo community that brought me there remains home. Leaving my life for a month was a challenge but after training my practice has expanded to those people, places and routines that were put on pause here.

I am grateful to teach in our beautiful sangha here is in Minneapolis. I am reminded daily of the challenge, growth and support I gained from my Modo Level 1 training. Modo Minneapolis is home.

If you’ve ever thought about doing an amazing teacher training, look no further than Modo Yoga. The next one is in October in the amazing city of Montreal! Make it happen, expand your life!

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