Erica West

Sima Leader | Student

When I walked through the doors of Modo Yoga Minneapolis in January 2015, I was only looking for a good workout. I distinctly remember my first class at Modo as a rejuvenating experience; I was immediately hooked to the practice. I soon became a regular at the studio, exchanging my Groupon for a standard membership; a standard membership for the Energy Exchange Program; and, most recently, the Energy Exchange Program for working as a Sima Leader. What started out as a search for a good workout quickly became my home away from home. Throughout many life changes in the last few years, the Modo Community has always held space for me – it is here where I have been able to show up just as I am and feel supported, loved, and safe. But since I can’t live in the Modo Studio (even though some weekends it sure feels like I do), I have found ways to apply what yoga has taught me to the rest of my life. When I practice yoga off the mat, I am able to breathe through uncomfortableness and use intention to navigate difficulty; I am able to show compassion to someone who has hurt me, and use the practice of mindfulness to feel grounded; I am able to reach out to my hand to another person for support, or use a focal point to keep my mind from wandering. The lessons of my yoga practice continue to humble me, and I have such a deep, heartfelt gratitude for this studio, Ryann and Phil, and all of the members that make up this very special community.