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Teacher Profile: Natalie Haugen

Meet Natalie Haugen, a runner, rock climber, and Modo Yoga Minneapolis teacher and student! Natalie loves yoga and loves that Modo is accessible to every body. 

Natalie has been practicing yoga for over ten years. She was drawn to Modo Yoga Minneapolis after completing the Twin Cities Marathon. “I needed to recover and rest,” she says. “I thought I was only going to practice for my two month Groupon. Then, I was hooked!” 

Natalie joined the Energy Exchange program and started to fall in love with the Modo community, as well as the practice. Soon, her deep love for the practice lead her to attend teacher training. But she wasn’t quite sure what the future held. “I went to training not sure if I wanted to teach!”

During Level 1 Modo training, Natalie found herself developing a true appreciation for watching the practice unfold in every body. “It was a giant leap into my practice and myself, and I fell into teaching.”

One of the reasons Natalie loves being part of Modo Yoga Minneapolis is because the community is completely accessible to anyone who wants to practice, whether they’re a seasoned yogi or brand new to the experience. “There are people practicing from all backgrounds, ages, shapes, abilities and levels of experience. You will not be alone.” She appreciates that practicing at Modo is just that – practice, in a supportive community, not a competition. “Modify, take breaks, or just lay down for any part of the practice. The heat at Modo is different. It’s therapeutic and designed to be a supplement to the practice, not to add challenge. 

Natalie encourages students to engage teachers and staff at Modo when they have questions or feedback. “Staff and teachers at modo are open to feedback. I always want to know if something didn’t land in a student’s body. If something’s not working for you, there will be a way to stay in your practice.”

When she’s not teaching, Natalie is doing almost anything outdoors, including walking her dog or biking. She loves to try new food and spend time with her family. Natalie lives life with persistence, working to achieve every goal she sets for herself. Not surprisingly, runner’s lunge is the pose that brings her the most joy. “There are so many ways to get into it and so many ways to make more opening and strengthening.” 

As a Modo teacher, Natalie is collaborative and creative, and wants everyone to feel content and heard. “Practicing at modo is healing and teaching allows me to spread that peace I keep seeking.”