Good Life Juice

Hand holding mini green juice bursting through pink wall.

Hot Yoga + Refreshing Cold-Pressed Juice = Best Combo Ever


We are stoked to share the space at our Dufferin location with our good friends at Good Life Juice.

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up after class or you’re embarking on a cleanse, these folks have got you covered. All of their staff are super knowledgeable about nutrition and can guide you on the right path for your health and wellness goals.

They carry a range of products:

  • fresh juice
  • fermented foods
  • salads and bowls
  • breakfast and snacks
  • collagen
  • superfoods
  • raw adaptogenic chocolate bars-yum!


For more info on their juices, cleanses, and products, check out their website:


Image of 2 salads and cold-pressed juice from aerial perspective.