Carmen Chornell


Hometown: St. Albert, Alberta

I teach: Hatha and Meditation (Sattva)

Yoga teacher trainings completed: Sattva Yoga Teacher Training 200h in Edmonton Alberta 2017

Why I love teaching: The practices of yoga and meditation have gifted me with immense self-discovery, inner spaciousness, and a trust of my own teacher and intelligence within. I believe we are all capable of tapping into this space and harmony. The potential of guiding practitioners to experience this, even if for a glimpse, is why I love to teach.  

What I love about Modo Yoga: Modo’s friendliness and community vibes encourages practitioners to make it to their mat, regardless of their level of experience. 

If I could give one piece of advice to new students, it would be: Come to move and breathe, that’s all! Don’t put any pressure on yourself. Each one of us has been a new student at some point, we’ve been there!

What’s your favourite teacher? My greatest teacher in life is failure. The rawness and realness of falling on my face beats the heck out of living a stale, inauthentic life. I keep reminding myself, I am not what I accomplish or how well I accomplish it!