Kaitlin Armstrong


Hometown: Campbell River, BC

I teach: Modo, Yin, Yang Yin, Hot Flow

Yoga teacher trainings completed:

Level 1 Modo Yoga Teacher Training – Modo Yoga – 500 Hrs – Victoria – 2012

Advanced Vinyasa Training – Kula Yoga with Schuylar Grant – 85 hours – 2014

Advanced Mind Body Yoga Medicine Training – Blissology with Elon Finn – 50 hours – 2016

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training – Semperviva Yoga with Theresa Campbell – 85 hours – 2019

Why I love teaching: I love the experience of feeling a community of unique individuals come together to move and breathe as one, and hold space for more than their stories. This place where we meet more honestly in the truth of now and in the aliveness we share.

What I love about Modo Yoga: Modo is a welcoming and generous yoga culture to begin a practice that reminds you of who you truly are underneath all the noise and busyness.  You will keep coming back because of the empowered sense of self and the deeper connection to others through this community that reinforces how truly not alone we are.

If I could give one piece of advice to new students, it would be: Remember there is nothing to perfect or to achieve, comparing yourself or judging others is not the truth of who you are so liberate yourself and enjoy the space to unashamedly be you.  (And ask for help when needed)

What you can expect in my class: You can expect to have all your expectations shattered and presumptions thrown out so that you might actually become open to your moment to moment experience with more curiosity and wonder like when you were a child.  I promise it will be fun once you let go of how you thought it should be and welcome the unplanned, unpredictable and unknown of a life worth learning from and growing alongside.