Meg Gorosh


Hometown: Nanaimo, BC

I teach: Modo, Yin, Yin Yang, Hot Flow

 Yoga teacher trainings completed:

Level 1 Modo Yoga Teacher Training – Modo Yoga – 500 Hrs – Montreal – 2012

Yin Yoga – Bernie Clark – 80 Hrs – Vancouver, 2012

Vinyasa/ Hatha – OmTown Yoga – 200 Hrs- Nanaimo – 2014

Level 1 Insight Yoga – Sarah Powers – 70 Hrs – Seattle – 2018

Why I love teaching: I love teaching because of the transformative effect of getting people
into their bodies- the softness that spreads and is visible on the faces of students when they are
leaving the studio grows my heart and causes me so much joy!

What I love about Modo Yoga: I LOVE Modo yoga for its beautifully and skillfully designed
sequence. I love the repetition of the practice as each time I move through it I feel a greater
depth and find new aspects to work with. It feels like home to me.

If I could give one piece of advice to new students, it would be: A focused mind suffers
less. Attend more to your breath and body sensations, and forget about what you look like! 🙂

My greatest teacher: my greatest teacher has been the moments when life has pulled
the rug out from underneath me, quite unexpectedly, and I’ve been left stunned and
sitting on the ground. In those moments when I’ve felt the most powerless, afraid, and
broken, I’ve realized that they are the most fertile soil for growth and evolution.