Community Announcement

A dream, a love story, a resilient evolution…

When Dina and I first hatched our plan to open a yoga studio in 2004, long before we wrangled the second floor of the Warshaw building on St-Laurent into an airy oasis of organized chaos — seemingly overnight and with no money — we looked for space in NDG. I had spent days aimlessly walking the long blocks of what felt like a village to me — a real family neighbourhood: tight-knit, generational, friendly. Coming from a small town, I felt right at home in NDG. Sadly, the space never revealed itself; I found nothing we could afford. My heart wept.

Which is why what happened four years later felt like pure synchronicity. While driving along Girouard, I received a call from a student who told me I needed to see a location that had just become available on the corner of Monkland, a former gym on the top floor. I knew immediately this must be the place.

Once I got keys from our new landlords, I would sit in darkness — no electricity yet — and visualize it into being, all 10,000 square feet. This would be a space to inspire young and old to breathe and move better, a place where yoga’s effects could ripple through households. A wellness pit stop on the way home. A beam of light at the heart of a village. I would paint the walls red because I believed that consciousness lived in the blood — by encouraging movement, we would be awakening consciousness.

Modo Yoga NDG has been a home to all of us, with so many memories — a whiff of fresh croissants from the bakery on entering the building, a glowing smile at the desk, Studio A like a warm hug, the whisper of breath during savasana, the salt and spice of tea and sweat after class.

I met my husband here. I made lifelong friends here.

Today, I must tell you all that I will be locking the doors to Modo Yoga NDG for a final time in the coming weeks. Make no mistake — this is farewell to a landmark, and the end of an era, but it is not goodbye to our community!

Our NDG yoga community is alive, and thriving, as so many of you have joined our virtual and outdoor classes. We are so grateful to share these studios-without-walls with all of you — even though the thing we have missed the most is sharing our warm rooms together.

As we take this time, with our sister studio in Griffintown, to furl our sails and find some shelter from this pandemic storm, we are simultaneously charting a new course. Our flagship, Modo Yoga Montreal, remains steadfast . All memberships are still active here, and we eagerly await the date when its doors are permitted to open again. Our Virtual Studio will continue with over 100 livestream classes and replays weekly. Modo Yoga West Island will also reopen. Come springtime, our outdoor yoga programs will pop-up in our neighbourhood parks and other open air spaces around the city, just as last year. By 2022, the world will have transformed yet again. And so will we.

I understand that you most certainly have questions about your memberships, classes and credits. Please, consult our Frequently Asked Questions online. Then, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to support everyone in this transition.

Consciousness may live in the blood, but community does not live inside blood-red walls. It lives in the connections we make, those smiles and friendships, the lives we touch when we show up for each other, wherever we unroll our mats — in our living rooms, in Parc Girouard or Benny, or somewhere we haven’t dreamt into being yet.

I invite all of you to follow our new ventures as they develop. In the meantime, our entire team looks forward to seeing you on Zoom, in the park, and at Modo Yoga Montreal.

With so much love and gratitude,

3 Feb 2021