Frequently Asked Questions

Modo Yoga NDG & Griffintown are closing – what does this mean for you?


Frequently Asked Questions


I still have classes left! What do I do with them?

You can still use your classes! Here’s how:


Can I use my passes at Modo Yoga West Island?

You can, but we will ask you to divide your classes between our Montreal studios and West Island. Modo Yoga West Island is forming a database dedicated to their own community, and will no longer be connected to our network. Therefore, you will need to create a new profile in their system once it launches, and send an email to tell us how you would like to divide your classes. Any future classes purchased will not be shareable between Montreal and West Island. If you visit West Island, you will receive an email detailing your next steps in the coming weeks.


What if I want a one-on-one session with one of your NDG/Griffintown teachers?

Our teachers aren’t going anywhere! You can certainly book a virtual private session with any teacher in our community. When the government allows studios to reopen, your private session may be held at an alternate location, or at Modo Yoga Montreal.


I am a former Studio Breathe member with a Lifetime Membership. What are my options?

Former Lifetime Members of Studio Breathe had an arrangement with Modo Yoga Griffintown to continue their memberships with a maintenance fee. As set out in the published handbook for Lifetime Members of Studio Breathe, this arrangement was valid for a minimum period of three years, starting in 2017 when the studio first opened. As Modo Yoga Griffintown is now closing, this agreement has concluded. Any memberships already paid for this year will be valid until their expiry. For those Lifetime members who had not yet paid fees for 2021 and who would like to join our virtual studio, please email us.


I have a 365/1-Year membership – What are my options?

We have tried to find a compromise for anyone with such a membership.

If you have been using your membership in the Virtual Studio, Outdoors or in-studio, we hope you agree that you have gotten value from your membership. Our typical extension in such cases is between 1-3 months, varying depending on each situation.

If you have not been back at all since our mandatory closing in March 2020, please get in touch and we will find a custom solution for your situation. While we do sympathize with everyone who has been waiting for our return, we hope, in turn, you can recognize that we have done our best this year to offer reasonable services through which your membership can be redeemed. We have held in-person class offerings from June 2020 through September 2020, as well as holding virtual classes every day from March 16, 2020 until now. We look forward to finding a mutually fair compromise with you.


How can I get a refund?

We are so sorry, but refunds are simply not possible — we are closing our doors because staying afloat as a small business during a pandemic is excruciatingly difficult. Our membership policy has always clearly stated that we do not issue refunds. Some of you know that, in the past, we have occasionally bent our own rules for compassionate reasons. This time around, we are unable to do so, and we ask for your compassion in this. We have tried to offer a variety of options for getting full value out of your pre-paid classes, as we’ve outlined above.


Why are you closing?

Sustaining a business during COVID is truly difficult. While we have taken advantage of government support, it’s simply not enough to carry us through to some future time when students feel comfortable breathing together indoors again, and to install recommended ventilation systems. By closing the physical studio space, it allows us to prioritize the people who are still engaged — you, our students; our teachers; and our staff.


Will you open a new studio?

That’s our intention, eventually to open in a new space that will be better suited to a post-COVID world. Stay subscribed to our newsletters and follow us on social media to stay informed as our new ventures develop.


I just have trouble getting into yoga-at-home. Any advice?

You can create a more studio-like experience at home! Turn your camera on and receive adjustments from teachers. Try turning on the “Gallery View” on Zoom for that collective vibe. Buy some Bengal Spice tea, Nag Champa, new props or some plants to make your home practice space more functional and welcoming. Ask a friend to join you in class, virtually, for motivation. Set up your space the night before, so everything’s ready to greet you the next day. Have a favourite tip? Share yours with us here.


Modo has been a huge part of my life, and this is very sad news. Is there anything I can do to help?

You can do yoga! When you take class, it helps us keep our teachers and staff employed. Also, community and connection help to process grief, so if you’re feeling sad, taking a class can help. It’s true, yoga-at-home isn’t quite the same as the warm, collective space of the studio, but it has its own benefits. This is the world we are in — and these are habits that are “pandemic-proof,” they can sustain all of us no matter what gets thrown our way. Equally as important, meditation and yoga teach us that the action is here — life is happening now, not at some future date or in some place pending reopening. Join our community online. It’s what we’ve got today.

How else can you help? Here are some other ideas: make a monetary donation; reach out if you have professional skills to donate, like photography or translation; we are considering starting an Oral History of Modo Yoga in Montreal – if you have interview or community-networking skills, audio production skills, or project management skills to donate, we’re looking for you! To that end, we will be looking for stories from our entire community at all studios — so start thinking of your most memorable Modo moments, we will want to hear them all! Stay tuned.