Janine Castelane

Hatha, Yin, Healing Crystal Bowls Instructor

Janine brings many years of experience to her students and clients. Her love and appreciation of the human spirit have led her to study and delve deep into the many pathways of nurturing the body mind and spirit in a safe and caring environment.  She learned it was vital for people to get free from the busy wheel of the mind where many of us get stuck. That is what inspired her to teach yoga, to help clients and students focus on their breath, get out of their heads and to find that freedom.

Janine encourages her students and clients to enter into their yoga practice with love and respect for their own uniqueness and to connect in the moment and breathe. She is passionate about assisting individuals to connect to the positive power within them. Janine’s teaching style springs intuitively from the heart. In addition to teaching Hatha Yoga with safe alignment, she focuses on yogic practices that deepen the connection to our healing life force (Prana). These practices include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, mantra, bandha and mudra (universal energy seals).

Janine’s meditation background includes mindfulness meditation, movement meditation, meditation of sound, light body and chakra meditation. She studied and was certified with the honourable Phra Jetiyjarn Luangphor Sirintharo of Willpower Institute in Thailand. Graduated 2006.

Janine is known to draw the authentic self out of her students. Empowering them to practice and find their peace and strength. She teaches from intuitive guidance connected to the heart with practical application in real life. All levels of students can benefit from Janine’s classes.

Janine began yoga and meditation in her late teens after reading the book Yoga, Youth & Reincarnation by Jess Stearn. It was at that time she discovered she was an Intuitive. With a strong desire to learn and work through her own life challenges she developed a strong desire to help others as well. For the last 25 years Janine has acquired several different healing modalities to support this desire.

Janine graduated from yoga teacher training in 2006 from Stillpoint Yoga Centre with Glenn Mifsud. Her love of humans and horses led her to become a FEEL Practitioner in 2010 (Facilitator of Equine Experiential Learning).  Janine is Co-creator of the Mobius Healing Technique with Michele Mihalik.  She also is a Certified Reiki Practitioner (Master level, 2002), Registered Etheric Healing Practitioner (2003), Certified Meditation Instructor (2006),  Certified Reflexologist (1993), Certified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (1992).