Theresa Reale

Modo Yoga Instructor

Theresa took her first yoga class in 2009 hoping to regain mobility in an injured knee. She knew
right away that she would be returning to the mat frequently. Not only did her yoga practice
bring back full mobility to her knee, it gave her an overall sense of well being.
Through her exploration of yoga she became interested in training to be a yoga instructor so
that she could share the many great benefits that she had received from her own practise.
Being busy with family and other commitments, she was looking for a program that suited her.
When the online Modo Yoga Teacher Training in summer of 2020 became available, Theresa
decided it was the right one for her, and fulfilled her long time ambition.
Theresa has a background in dance going back to the age of 7 years old. After high school she
graduated from the Dance Program at Ryerson University, and became a certified dance
teacher in several disciplines, her favourite being ballet. She has found that her yoga teacher
training has deepened her understanding of dance training, and feels the same about how her
dance education helps her teach yoga.
Theresa is grateful to be able to lead others through their practise, helping them to enhance
their well being. She believes in “Living to Learn” both on and off the mat. She has trained as
restorative yoga instructor and looks forward to Modo Flow teacher training.