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Barre Basics

Ready for a killer fitness experience?!

Our Barre Basics class focuses on small, repetitive, rhythmic movements that will build the foundations for a strong body, and a determined mind, at a relatively low level of intensity – and at a very low level of impact. Options to use weights & equipment will be offered, but won’t be necessary for every position/exercise. In Barre, movements will often begin from the classic starting positions of dance & ballet, and will then go on to incorporate elements of aerobics & pilates to create intensity and bring the fire! Every Barre class is set to a dynamic, energizing & bumpin’ playlist – you just can’t help but have a bit of fun!

Barre Basics provides a full body workout that is great for folks looking to develop strength in smaller, less often engaged muscle groups and who want a complement to a regular yoga practice (or to any other fitness routine, for that matter!). Get ready to pulse, pull, push and press!

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