Saturday Special

The Saturday Special is our way of having a little fun here at the studio! Teachers rotate through this class on a regular basis, and the style of class is 100% up to the teacher leading class that day! The catch? You (the student) won’t necessarily know what’s coming – you’ll just have to show up to find out what we’ve got up our sleeves! (Psst: it won’t always necessarily be a ‘Modo’-based class either). After class, we’ll leave the studio open for a weekly ‘social hour’ so we can take time to gather informally and get to know the sweet people of the MYNV community!

Stick around after the Saturday Special (or drop by even if you can’t attend the class) so you can join us for our weekly ‘social hour’ – a time where we leave the studio space open for some informal ‘hang’ time! #becommunity