Chloé has always loved movement.  Born and raised in Montreal, she grew up playing sports and moving fast – yoga was the first time her strength had been challenged in stillness. She found Modo in 2016 and immediately craved the combined feeling of strength and softness all wrapped up in one delicious experience. In the intense heat and challenging postures of the Modo sequence is where she found the power of breath – she felt like she had found a super power! This connection to breath is something she hopes to help her students find in their own practice. Chloé completed her Modo Level 1 teacher training in Montreal 2019 and began teaching at different studios as well as online. She is also certified to teach Yin yoga, in which she loves to slow things down and let students truly marinate in their sensations. In Chloé’s classes you will find a focus on breath, alignment and the use of your imagination. Having recently moved to Squamish, off the mat you can find Chloé hiking in the mountains, experimenting in the kitchen, and soaking in as much sun whenever she can!