Re-Opening FAQ


  • Can I purchase a new membership?
    Yes. A Standard Membership is available for $175/month, and a Freedom Membership is available for $225/month (includes all rentals). All memberships give access to our online platform also. There is no commitment, but you need to provide a one month notice in writing in order to cancel your membership.
  • I have a membership that is frozen, can I unfreeze?
    Frozen memberships will automatically unfreeze on July 1st. If you would like an extension of your freeze please contact [email protected]
  • I have an online membership, can I use it to register for in person classes?
    Modo Yoga NYC Online Memberships grant you access to online content only. If you’d like to practice in person, you will have to purchase either a Single Class ($32) or a 10 Class Card ($280), or a regular Standard or Freedom membership.
  • Is there a new student intro offer?
    Yes! We offer new students a 5 Class Card for $75. This expires one month after purchase and is available for use once per student.



  • How and when can I register for classes?
    You can register for in studio and outdoor classes on our website or through our app, Modo Yoga 2.0 (iPhone + Android). Registration opens 7 days in advance.
  • I’m on the waitlist, should I still come to see if I can get into class?
    We will release the waitlist 5 min before class time in the order of registration. Remember, even if you are in the topof the waitlist, you are not guaranteed a spot by showing up at the studio!
  • I was removed from the waitlist and added to class without my knowledge and was charged a no-show fee, do I have to pay?
    We ask that all community members be accountable for the spots they book. All students who are registered for class are responsible for their spot and will be charged a no-show fee if they fail to arrive at the studio for class. This includes students that are pulled from the waitlist. Be sure to enable email notifications and check your app regularly so you never miss when you are pulled from the waitlist! If you are added to class and unable to come, you will be able to cancel within 6 hours of class. If you know you cannot come and are still on the waitlist, please remove yourself from the waitlist prior to the 6 hour cancellation window to avoid any charges.
  • I registered but am running late, can I still get into class?
    We aim to start classes right on time and do not accept late entry regardless of registration.
  • I registered for class, for how long is my spot guaranteed?
    You should be at the studio at least 5 minutes before class to guarantee your spot. 5 minutes prior to class we will release open spots in class to anyone who is there from the waitlist and you are at risk of losing your spot.



  • Are showers available for use?
    Yes showers are open again.
  • I don’t have a mat – can I rent one?
    Yes rentals (mats & towels) are available again for $2/item.
  • What temperature is the room?
    The rooms are around 95 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Can I use the locker rooms to change?
    Yes, the locker rooms are available for you to change in, and we have lockers for you to store all your personal belongings. Locks are integrated so no need to bring yours.



  • How long are the classes?
    Our classes are either 45, 60 or 75 minutes long. Be sure to check the schedule and plan accordingly for your classes. We ask that students make a strong effort to not leave class early so as to not disrupt the community practice.
  • When can I come to the studio for class?
    Doors will open 30 minutes prior to each class. We ask during this time that you avoid congregating in the common areas. After class, you may use the facilities to change, but we ask that you make an effort to leave promptly after practice to avoid high traffic in the studio. We wish you could stay for tea!



  • What are your general Covid Guidelines?
    -A one time proof of vaccination is now required to enter the studios and attend classes
    -Masks are optional, but strongly recommended
    -If you are sick, STAY HOME
    -Our ventilation systems include MERV-13 Filters throughout, and have been upgraded with Airknigt Purifiers to ensure an even greater quality of air throughout the spaces
    -We will continue to clean and disinfect thoroughly between classes
  • I’m within the 6 hour cancellation window but am feeling sick, can I cancel without being charged a fee?
    Yes! To support our community, we ask that if you are sick please stay home. If you are within the cancellation window please contact the studio so we can support you in removing you from class. Please be advised we must enforce a strict cancellation policy to support our studio’s reopening, we will keep track of late cancellations due to illness to ensure this policy is not abused.