• $10 no-show fee for a class you are registered for but do not attend (proceeds donated to charity)
  • Intro Month does not renew/commit you to membership- no need to cancel!
  • 4 month minimum commitment for auto-renew memberships- $200 early termination fee
  • Billed monthly starting on purchase date
  • Use begins with purchase
  • All auto-renew memberships (monthly Standard and Freedom) require a minimum of 30 days to cancel.  Cancellations must be complete through https://modoyoga.com/nyc/my-account/
  • Auto-renew memberships allow 1 complimentary suspension every 6 months of membership; each suspension must be a minimum of 14 days and maximum of 90 days; each additional hold requires a $25 fee per suspension. 6 month and year long memberships may not be paused or extended.
  • Medical suspensions: complimentary but require a doctor’s note and clearance to come back
  • First month membership discount valid ONLY for first time members.