Modo Yoga NYC is teaming up with Modo Yoga LA to take on the greatest threat of our time, Climate Change. The plan is simple: sweat once a day for 30 days, raise $10 per day. Together, we aim to raise $500,000 to combat The Climate Crisis. While transforming our bodies, minds, and the lives of our community; we empower people to know they can make a big difference in the fight against Climate Change.

Why will you sweat?

Join the Challenge September 15 - October 14

How does the fundraising work? Every participant creates a Crowdrise account. Each day you can use social media, email, text, or good old fashioned conversation to get different friends, family, or even strangers to donate $10 to your wellness journey for the day. Can’t make it into the studio everyday? No problem! The beauty of the online platform is that this challenge is not confined to the studio! While we would love for you all to join us in the hot room every day, our main goal is for you to connect daily to your breath, your body, and our collective mission! Whether its yoga, running, dancing, pilates, HIIT training — it’s not the sport, it’s the sweat.

Ready to Sweat? Join the Crowdrise campaign. Don't have a membership but want to sweat it out at Modo? Purchase the 30 Day Challenge Unlimited Membership - we’ll sponsor your first day and donate $10 to your Crowdrise account!

Sweat for Change

WHY WILL YOU SWEAT? We are inspired yogis from Modo Yoga LA & Modo Yoga NYC. Join us in Sweat for Change, an accessible fundraising campaign, inspiring the power of each individual to make a difference. The Mission: Sweat once a day for 30 days and raise $10 a day for The 1000 Cities Initiative to help combat The Climate Crisis.

Combating Climate Change

What is 1000 Cities?

1000 Cities is based on the idea that if 1,000 cities go 100% fossil fuel free by 2040, we can create a sustainable world for us all. Through grant funding, technical support, comprehensive research, and broad reaching campaign initiatives; 1000 Cities supports cities around the world in planning and implementing aggressive climate action plans. They are already supporting New York City, London, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. This year, their goal is to support NYC in becoming a leader in urban sustainability and climate action planning for other cities to follow; building a sustainable future, one city at a time. Imagine a New York longer dependent on fossil fuels — together, we can bring this idea into reality.