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Dejha Colantuono


As an instructor, Dejha aspires to create an environment for her students which supports balance, expansion and joy with every movement, every feeling, and every breath

Dejha initially approached yoga as a form of exercise, and quickly became invigorated with the strength and power that her body developed over a short period of time. She realized that she was not only seeing a transformation in her physical body, it was also enhancing her meditation practice, illuminating and strengthening her connection of mind, body and spirit. Yoga was a form of exercise that Dejha was able to commit to, offering a holistic approach and allowing her to be more present in life experiences on and off of the mat.

When a close friend introduced her to Modo studio in 20, Dejha knew she was exactly where she was supposed to be. In 2017 she pursued her 500 hour MYTT and joined the team of NYC teachers upon her return in 2018. In April of 2019 Dejha completed Yoga Alliance certified Yin training with Kate Kuss and in August of 2019 completed her 100 hour Modo Flow training in Montreal. 

In addition to her passion for Yoga and meditation, she loves and lives music. When she is not in the hot room Dejha can be seen and heard performing her original music as a solo artist.