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Dyan TsiumisBotha


Dyan is a certified Modo Yoga Instructor (Level I). Dyan began her journey with yoga in 2008 as a student for the physical benefits that yoga provided.
Dyan holds a B.S. in Athletic Training and is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor in NYC. She holds over 17 fitness certifications including Kettlebell Concepts, TRX, IntenSati (Level III), Schwinn and is always seeking knowledge for the best and safest ways to move the body. Having had her own fitness challenges, weighing over 200 pounds after graduating college in 2000, Dyan seeks  to support her clients and students in every way possible. Dyan began a daily meditation practice that balanced her mind as well as her body. Always wanting to share what has improved her own life, Dyan became a certified through Ishta Yoga in group meditation and in 2014 became an Atma Buti Tibetan Singing Bowl practitioner performing healing sound baths around New York City and the country. Recognizing how important the benefits her own yoga practice had become in her own life not only physically, but spiritually and mentally, Dyan knew she had to share this not only as a student, but as a teacher. Bringing her love of mindfulness and movement together yoga is Dyan’s passion that she is so excited to share with you in the hot room and out.