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Frantz Hall

Teacher | Teacher Mentor

What an incredible journey it has been! Growing up in New York City, I fell in love with dance from the moment I saw Fred Astaire tap dancing on television in the basement of my childhood home in Queens. I pursued a career on the stage and before I knew it I was on tour with Whitney Houston, traveled the world, and did several Broadway and TV shows. After a dance related knee injury, I transitioned into Corporate America as a Vice President in Finance.

In 2001, after complaining of knee pain, my husband basically nagged me into taking my first hot yoga class. I found it incredibly challenging and nearly slept for 24 hours afterwards.  Since I I rarely shy away from a challenge, I practiced every day for 6 months.   After about 3 months of practicing, I found that not only had my mobility improved but I  found a mental quite that I had never experienced before.  Yoga restored my physical wellbeing as well as enhanced my spiritual well being.

A friend invited me to try Modo Yoga NYC and I fell in love! The atmosphere, the practice, the variety, the people were amazing! After making the decision the leave corporate America and being a member of the Modo community for a while, I decided to do the Teacher Training in Montreal. I wanted to share my experiences and the benefits of yoga through offering, not only the series, but the philosophy of Modo. I believe that my injury has given me a great deal of compassion for others with injuries.

My time in training was amazing and brought even further back to my core. It’s a time I will always cherish and always refer back to. Since my initial Modo training, I’ve gone on and gotten certified in Modo Flow, Yin, and Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga.  I am so proud to be part of the Modo NYC team and looking forward learning from the community of students and teachers, and guiding others on part of their journey.