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Michael Lowney


Originally from Montana, Michael was drawn to yoga as a way of balancing the pace and pressure of New York City and was interested in getting to know his body in a more intimate and subtle way. After practicing for over 6 years and completing the 500 hour Modo Level 1 Training under the guidance of Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson, and Dina Tsouluhas in Kelowna in the Summer of 2014, yoga has become about so much more than just stretching or working out (although it continues to be good for those things as well). Michael has continued his education with various vinyasa-based and sequencing trainings around the country and in Canada. He is a firm believer that the practice of opening up the body in the yoga room is inextricably linked to opening up the mind. He sees teaching as an opportunity to explore this concept along with the millions of ongoing discoveries in his own practice with the community at Modo Yoga NYC.

Off the mat, Michael is an actor who has performed on Broadway and in theaters all across the country. He is inspired by the multi-talented teachers and students at the studio that make yoga a fluid and essential part of their lives. He is grateful to be able to share his passion and knowledge of this practice with all of them.