Beginners Yoga (non-heated)

Join studio owners Renée and Julie in this small interactive class ideal for those that are just starting to practice yoga or those that want to deepen their practice. Emphasis is placed on understanding ease of movement, alignment, stability, and flow of breath within each pose. Bring an open mind and feel free to ask as many questions as you want during the class (there are no silly questions).  This class is not heated and for more individual attention, we are limiting the capacity to only 10 students.


“I like the smaller classes on Saturday as they are informative and help with my practice.  From your class specifically, I learned about where my feet should be positioned for the warrior pose and the triangle on the bottom of your feet. Both have made a difference as I am more aware of how my body should feel/ look while doing each pose.  So far, I’ve picked up info from both of the beginner’s classes that I have put into practice and am looking forward to picking up more in the classes to come. I would definitely recommend those that are new to yoga to go to these classes as there isn’t as much of an opportunity in the other classes to get this sort of information and individual assistance.”

Sue B.