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Hot Mix

(97°F | 35°C)

For Who? 

Beginners, as well as advanced practitioners are welcome to take this class as options and modifications are given to fit various practice levels however we encourage beginners to try a few MODO classes before trying this class so that you get familiar with foundational yoga poses.

About this class: 

This class is inspired by a blend of yoga lineages and is a creative fusion of yoga traditions, movement and breathing. Experience breath work, sun salutations and fun challenging poses while maintaining proper alignment and expand your knowledge of asanas (poses). Designed to build endurance, open and tone your body HOT MIX classes are varied sequences of poses allowing you to awaken muscle groups and tissues of your body. Each teacher adds their own flare, therefore no two classes are the same. Be ready to challenge the way you usually do things and even how you see yourself. You are stronger and more capable than you know!

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