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Modo Yoga

(97°F | 35°C)

For Who? 

This class is accessible for all levels and beginners are encouraged to start off here.

About this class: 

This dynamic foundational practice consists of 40 postures (standing series and floor series) and is suitable for all levels.  The classes are designed to build cardiovascular endurance, detoxify the body, build muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility leaving you feeling with an improved overall sense of wellbeing.


The standing series is a cardiovascular set of postures. The focus is on breathing and building strength, stability, balance and endurance through postures done from a standing position. Postures are held anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute, allowing the skin to sweat and detoxify the body.


The floor series works on strengthening the upper body, spine and abdominal muscles. Having thoroughly warmed the body in the standing series, we now begin to open the hips and focus on the health of the spine. The floor series can relieve tension, help treat lower back and knee pain, and improve posture.


The standing and floor series have warmed, strengthened and opened the body, and now we’re ready to relax on our back.  At the end of class students leave at their own pace, each with greatly reduced stress levels, a rejuvenated internal system and a little yoga twinkle in the eye (you’ll see!).

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