Registered Psychotherapist



People seek help for a variety of reasons. There does, however, seem to be common denominator: a longing for things to improve! There is no shortage of stress and struggles in life. Sometimes, it is life events that lead someone to seek support. Other times, it is a sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo. Ultimately, having the support of a trained professional can be an effective way of easing feelings of isolation, confusion and frustration and increasing a sense of clarity, contentment and self-compassion.

Largely inspired by humanist, feminist and mindfulness-based approaches, I provide my clients a safe space in which to explore their inner workings. I offer clear and compassionate feedback to help identify fears, emotions, needs and to paint a clear picture of what is benefiting them as well, as what might be holding them back.

My goal is to help a person gain the awareness and acceptance required to move forward along their journey of transformation. My hope is that they might achieve their full potential as well as contact a profound sense of peace and of purpose. It is a privilege to accompany my clients along their paths. I would be honoured to accompany you along yours.

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