Danielle’s yoga journey began in 2007, when she realized halfway through her first yoga class that she would be a yoga teacher one day.  She felt right away that yoga not only improved her strength and flexibility, it also nourished her mind and greatly enhanced her confidence and self-awareness.  Yoga opened up the doors to a whole new world for Danielle and she got extremely interested in all healing modalities.  She is Reiki certified and feels very passionate about helping clients work through emotional blockages so they can realize how perfect they truly are.  Danielle is currently in school for Ayurvedic Medicine and is excited to start this next adventure in her life.

When Danielle isn’t in the hot room, in her Reiki Room or studying, you can find her in the outdoors or traveling.  Being outside in nature is her happy place that creates a calm within.  Traveling brings about new opportunities and life experiences.  Combining traveling with being in nature, makes her heart soar.

Danielle’s goal as a teacher is to create balance so that students at all levels are able to gain strength, confidence and improved flexibility, while refining their mind-body connection. Her goal in life is to be happy and help others realize how positive self-talk can greatly impact ones health allowing them to have the best life possible. “Self-love is the most important accomplishment anyone can do for themselves and the more people who realize this, the happier our world will be!”