Studio Director / Teacher

Teaches Modo, Modo Flow, Modo/Yin, Yin and Hot Mix 

Renée has a deep love of life and is passionate about connecting with her students, her community, her friends, her family and with yes, with herself.  Through yoga she has learned to change her perspective from “doing” to “being” and from “hard” to “challenging”.  Renee recognizes and appreciates that yoga has a ripple effect in her daily life and in those around her as it helps her feel more open, grounded, centered and present. Renée completed her Modo Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 and has continued her learning journey everyday since with certifications in Modo Level 2, Modo Flow, Yin yoga and Ana Forest-Inspired yoga.  “I believe there are great lessons everywhere and the more I know, the more I don’t know”.  She loves swimming, travelling, gardening, skiing and taking her outdoor showers from April to November (yup!).