Rob Aranyosi is a yoga & movement teacher. He was first introduced to yoga by his sister as a way of complimenting his meditation practice. After only a few classes, he decided to sign up for his first teacher training as a way of holding him accountable to do more yoga. Immediately after his training, he quit his full-time job as an auto mechanic, went on a backpacking trip & committed to living a life of intention, and since then, he has completed over 1000 hours of trainings. Rob teaches with the intention of having students create connection through the practice of breath & movement while overcoming self-imposed barriers. His classes are challenging, creative & fun. Outside of the yoga & movement world, Rob can be found enjoying the finest of snacks such as Oreos, vegan ice cream, and candy!


“The world is exactly the way you perceive it to be. No matter which way you choose to perceive the world, it will find a way to confirm it to you”  -Rob