Since 2004, Modo Yoga has thrived as a community of studios offering so much more than “just” Hot Yoga classes. As one of North America’s largest Hot Yoga brands, and the only community-oriented hot yoga franchise that supports aspiring business owners in building, operating, and growing sustainable, regenerative studios that are both purposeful and profitable.

We make the process of becoming a yoga studio owner just as approachable as our 40-part Modo sequence – so, as a Studio Owner, you’ll be fully equipped with everything you need to start and grow a Modo Yoga studio with ease.





At Modo Yoga all of our studios look different but they all feel like home. We are united by our commitment to the Six Pillars and our goal of making the world a more peaceful place. Our studios are created with the environment in mind – things like repurposed materials and eco-friendly products are commonplace.

All of our practice rooms are silent spaces and cell phone free. We’ve done this intentionally to create a space that is entirely distraction free.


Modo Yoga NYC – Williamsburg



Since our inception, our community has grown organically, fuelled by the love of the practice. Our franchise model supports studio owners in building sustainable studios that are both purposeful and profitable.

Along with the expert guidance of our Studio Development Team, studio owners are able to create an abundant living while doing meaningful work.




Calgary, AB

Edmonton, AB

Red Deer, AB

St. Albert, AB

Abbotsford, BC

Kelowna, BC

Victoria, BC

Fredericton, NB

Halifax, NS

Downtown Toronto, ON

Greater Ottawa, ON

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Metro Ottawa, ON

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“Being a Modo studio owner has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my life. I cannot even imagine living this dream without the support and encouragement of this incredible community. I have the space and autonomy within my own business to make the decisions that are best for my community while also having access to people, programs, trainings, and systems that support me as a business owner to maximize not only my business but also my time. I feel grateful everyday for choosing to take the leap and become a Modo studio owner. Almost 10 years in, and through a global pandemic, we are still going strong!”
– Christa Mabee, Owner of Modo Yoga Stratford
“Being a Modo Yoga franchise owner has provided an opportunity to find a sense of purpose. As a lifelong resident of Columbus, providing this practice back to the city that raised me is the greatest gift I’ve known! I like to say our studio helps us understand the pulse of our city. Students with multitudes of differences from all parts of the city land on their mats to breathe and move together in a beautiful way. The practice binds our community together, but our team feels like our studio is actually more of a community center – a place for students to escape from the chaos of everyday life and find a sense of peace and calm before going back to their day.”
– Chad Underwood, Owner of Modo Yoga Columbus