Alison’s journey to her mat began when she was searching for a physical activity to help manage stress. Little did she know, it would become so much more than that. As a classroom teacher, yoga was a space where silence allowed her mind to quiet after days in a high energy environment. The heat of the room became a soothing sensation. She found herself enjoying a sigh of relief each time she entered the studio doors. Alison appreciated the non-competitive nature where she could challenge herself without judgement. The practice began to teach her more than just the postures. It has taught her to be kinder to herself and others, the value of mindfulness, to appreciate and take care of our beautiful planet, the power of intention and to know that breath will always guide and ground her. The Modo community inspired her to complete her Modo Level 1 Teacher Training in Kelowna, BC in July 2017. Alison is looking forward to discovering new insights as she continues to develop her practice and encourage others to step onto their mats.