Cara Busacker

Pilates Instructor

Cara grew up in Central Oregon.  She moved to Portland at an early age to pursue her formal dance training at Oregon Ballet Theater, and continued her training at Pacific NW Ballet in Seattle.  As a dancer in her teens she discovered Pilates while rehabilitating from a knee injury.  She found the full body/mind movement system to be truly beneficial in recovering from injuries but also in enhancing strength and coordination in everyday life.  Cara believes Pilates is a great foundation for movement of any kind.  She loves bringing awareness to each individual’s body alignment in relationship to everyday movement patterns.  Helping people find a connection to their core, while building strength and flexibility throughout the body is incredibly fulfilling to her, as well as making each class FUN!

She enjoys dancing, yoga, music, traveling, hiking, swimming, laughing and relaxing in the PNW with family and friends.

“Keep the body moving while having fun!” is her motto.