Chelsey Rae


Chelsey Rae started practicing yoga when she was 15 years old but it wasn’t until March 2016 that she began practicing almost every day. She found that a daily practice helped her regulate anxiety, depression and to quit smoking.
In March 2017, Chelsey received a scholarship from her employer and attended the Modo Yoga teacher training in Nicaragua. The training was nothing she’s ever experienced before. It was both mentally and physically challenging but also  incredibly rewarding. In February 2018, Chelsey completed 500 hours of Modo Yoga Level 1 training and is an official Modo Yoga instructor.  Chelsey completed her Flow training in Los Angeles in November 2018.
Chelsey says, “I started a daily yoga practice at Modo Yoga Portland during a very dark time in my life. With my background as a dancer, I found yoga to be more interesting and fun than a traditional gym workout. As time passed, and my dedication to my practice deepened, it became clear that I wasn’t only there for the physical benefits. Through movement, breath-work, meditation, self-reflection, sweat, and a shit-load of tears, I started to see the world and myself in a much more positive light.  After a year of consistent practice, I was ready to become a conduit for this life-changing practice.”