Jamael Rahill


“In 2011 I ventured to the Amazon jungle to participate in a sacred plant medicine retreat indigenous to that area. In just 12-days, I experienced such a deep transformation that it led me to move to Peru in 2012 for over a year. During this time I began to practice shamanic and plant medicine apprenticeship where I learned about the nature of disease/suffering and the wonders of consciousness. It was during this time that yoga was introduced to me. Having had such profound physical, mental and spiritual transformations, yoga played a monumental role in my integration back to Western Life. Once I realized the benefit and importance of the practice I just wanted to share it with others. It is with great pleasure that I teach yoga and continue to share my gifts and knowledge of my experiences in Peru. I am most passionate about personal and spiritual growth and sharing it with others so that all can find healing and balance within.”

Jamael did his Modo Level 1 Training in Nicaragua, February 2017 and Modo Flow Training in Portland, November 2017.  He has been teaching at Modo Yoga Portland since 2016.