Jake Ferriero


Jake did his 200-hr RYT training with CorePower, trained in Yoga Nidra with Modo Portland’s own Caley Alyssa’s Academy of Yogic Sleep, and continue to study anatomy and the Gudmestad Tradition of Yoga at Paxson Yoga Center.

His vinyasa classes help students slow down and find strength in places they didn’t know they had, helping to create overall stability and balance in the body. His yin classes are about introspection and healing, serving as a constant reminder that muscles rebuild and new neural connections form when we rest deeply.

Jake is a yoga teacher and yoga philosophy author moonlighting as a Software Engineer. In previous eras, he was a D1 track athlete, a kinesiology researcher, a cyclist, a children’s tennis coach, a guitar teacher, and a retreat leader.

“While I have taken on and shed many identities, what remains eternally constant in my life is a fascination with moving the body, an innate spiritual calling, a love of teaching, and an analytical approach to creating progress. My mission is to inspire confident self-expression and connection.  I’m known for providing a grounding voice and helping students find safety and alignment in their bodies so that their self-expression can align with their purpose well beyond the mat.”