Jennifer Duffin

Front Desk Manager/Teacher

““What does Love require of me today?” That is my daily inquiry. It serves as a reminder that each day there is something special to give and being of service is of greatest importance.”

Jennifer is a 200-hr RYT with 150-hr deep dive into yoga history and philosophy; she is a dedicated student and practitioner of both Yoga and Buddhism. Jenn started her yoga journey during early sobriety when life felt especially difficult to manage. Her teachers/mentors Audra Carmine and Valerie Starr, Tara Brach, Mark Nepo, and Manorama (among many others) taught her how to weave the esoteric teachings with her own personal experiences into a physical practice that connected her body, mind and spirit. “It was as if I’d been anxiously walking in the dark all alone and then one day, someone turned on the light and offered me their hand.”

It’s because of a consistent practice (not a perfect practice) she celebrated 5 years sober in October 2023 and discovered her dharma to be of service to others.

Jenn believes yoga is a practice that heals, inspires and anchors the Self during tough storms in a sea of uncertainty. Her classes bring heart-centered awareness, sacred guidance from ancient traditions, humor and creative movement so you can be sure you’ll be physically challenged and emboldened to listen to your own inner wisdom.

Jenn is also our beloved Front Desk Manager here at Modo Yoga Portland.