Keri Saul


“My yoga practice started in New York City, when I was looking for a new way to move my body and exercise.  I had done yoga in college and liked it but it wasn’t anything more than gym credits.  Years later, in 2007 I made my way into a yoga studio and I found myself going back over and over again.  That studio, the community and my yoga practice, become my savior in the wildness that is NYC life.  I continue to refine the teaching I’m known for: steady, rhythmic and creative vinyasa.  I use movement and breath to move through challenges on the mat and in life.  I believe in the medicine of movement, music, words and nature.  It is my wish to share that with you.” Keri did her teacher training in 2012 at that same studio, Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, under the guidance of Mary Dana Abbott and Lauren Magarelli.  Since 2018 she has completed 85 hours studying Katonah Yoga under the guidance of Mary Dana Abbot both through private study and advanced training.