Rebekah O’Kelley


Rebekah has been using her body for self expression and exploration all her life. From a young age she valued time spent moving and creating, investing many years into a career in musical theatre and performance art. She fell into yoga gracefully at the age of sixteen, and never stopped practicing. Yoga was her rock as she faced the challenges of becoming a young woman, and after much change in her life, Yoga remained constant. Now she spends her time off the mat wildcrafting herbal medicines, digging potatoes, and in the sauna. Her classes are compassionate containers where you will move in a way that leaves you feeling massaged from the inside out. You will be challenged to move slowly and fiercely. You might laugh, you might cry, you might snore loudly by the end of savasana. All are welcome in her class — where you will be encouraged to celebrate your authenticity, and unique expression of form.