Tyson Bittrich


As a former competitive athlete, I was first drawn to hot yoga for the physical challenge and healthy sweat. It wasn’t until I found Modo yoga that I saw how a physically demanding series could also be mentally and psychologically engaging. Taking class allows me to shed the steady stream of thought, detach from the emotional demands of everyday life, and be more in my body. As someone with a busy brain and an empath’s sensitivity, this keeps me coming back to my mat.

As an amateur musician, I take the shared space, group attention, and fleeting nature of a moving musical interaction as near sacred. Yoga class, when done from a similar attitude, can be just as powerful, fleeting, and impactful. Yoga is a practice for which there is no final performance, a lesson in impermanence. There is something comforting to move, breathe, and sweat together in a safe environment with a rotating group of brothers and sisters. As a student, Modo is like a good weekly jam session. As a teacher, I aim to host that yoga jam sesh for those who seek it.

Each of us brings to the mat a unique set of challenges, responsibilities, core values, and personal priorities. Yet, we all share the desire to become the best version of ourselves – less emotionally reactive, more receptive, and more present to our world outside the hot room. These are the true fruits of our work as we grow in our practice together.

Come get your sweat on, and say hey!