Savasana, but why tho?

Modo Yoga Classes Start And End In Savasana – Why?

Savasana – aka corpse pose – can bring your body to a state of equilibrium and ease, especially important if you lead a really busy life. What literally takes a few minutes and zero effort seems challenging. Urges start to take over, you start to plan other activities. Your mind says “I’d rather wait in the lobby until class starts”. You feel the urge to lean over and whisper to your neighbor “it’s hot in here”.

Here’s a link to an great blog post by Andrew Jobes, a Modo teacher from Peterborough, Ontario. He describes the simplicity and turbulence that define savasana. Simply stated, it’s a great way to understand why we start and end each Modo yoga class in savasana.

We love savasana. Let us know what you think!