Caitlin Wright


I first stepped onto a yoga mat in 2010 at the moksha/Modo studio in Montreal, Canada. I quickly realized how much I appreciated the routine of challenging my mind and body, while also sweating profusely. I took the practice of yoga to Ghana with me during my two year Peace Corps service, and realized how grounding it was in unfamiliar and challenging times. This deeper understanding and appreciation of the practice led to my doing the Modo Level 1 training in Seattle at the end of 2017. Throughout this process I have been lucky enough to grow and learn at the Modo San Diego studio with Frenny and Andrew Palyniak, where I teach now. I am loving the experience of bringing calm, presence and stillness to people of all walks of life, while also being part of a wonderful and inspiring community. On my free time, I love hiking, camping, traveling, reading and trying any new exciting experiences.