Frenny Palyniak

Owner / Director / Teacher

On a cold, snowy January day in 2008, Frenny tried her first Moksha/Modo class in Edmonton, Alberta. From that day forward it was apparent that the combination of breath, movement and sweat was the perfect formula to keep her body, mind and spirit in harmony. In 2009 she traveled to India to take the Moksha/Modo 500 hour yoga teacher training. The combination of traveling, exploring and practicing yoga became the ideal way to spend vacations away from the day-to-day life of an engineer.

By 2013 Frenny completed yoga teacher trainings in Modo Level 2, Modo Flow, Yin, Prenatal, Mindfulness and Power Yoga. She is grateful to learn from the best: Jessica Robertson, Ted Grand, Frank Jude Boccio and Baron Baptiste. She is appreciative to have spent her formative teaching years mentoring under Angela Zawada.

Frenny believes that Modo Yoga is a hot yoga practice accessible to all bodies. Her yoga classes combine a playful approach to the asanas while focusing on breath and mindfulness.