Michelle Morelli


Michelle was a yoga skeptic for years before stepping into Modo Yoga San Diego in 2019.  Although daunted by both the heat, the challenging postures (and finding herself right in front of the mirrors!) on her first day, Michelle returned the very next day and was soon addicted to the daily sweat, meditation and calming movement.  What started as a casual hobby nearly immediately developed into a strong passion.  A busy attorney by day, Michelle found Modo to be cathartic escape from hectic daily life which allows her to recenter body, mind and spirit.

It was only a month into practicing at Modo that Michelle started to inquire about teacher training.  By May 2020 she had dived into the Modo Level 1 500 hour training program and she has never looked back!  Michelle loves Modo’s focus on merging an advanced knowledge of anatomy with consciousness on the breath and a meditative spirit.  She also favors Modo’s focus on accessibility and the practice embracing all body types and skill levels. Michelle hopes to soon start her Yin training and to expand her overall depth of knowledge as she continues her teaching and practice journey.

In her classes, Michelle attempts to focus on body control, while tying in the breath and mind to foster a graceful presence inside and out.  She attempts to incorporate a focused intention into each class, hoping that spiritual awareness developed on the mat will be incorporated into each student’s life outside the hot room.  Michelle enjoys seeing the restorative effects of the practice on students as they emerge from each class.

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys exploring all of San Diego’s wonders, and taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and scenery we are blessed to experience year round.  On a perfect sunny Saturday, you can find her and her dogs romping in the waves at dog beach, working out at a nearby park, or looking for an exciting adventure she has yet to attempt.