Anna’s love for yoga was ignited on Sept 9, 2012 when a friend took her to Modo for her first hot yoga experience.  Pose after pose, she fell so deeply in love with the sequence, and in her final savasana she know her life would never be the same.  Exactly a year to the day after her first Modo experience, she traveled to Montreal to complete her first teacher training. Yoga has taught Anna to stay anchored in the NOW, to allow herself to relax and to breathe deeply. It is her passion to help others experience the same and more.  Her love for her daughters Amelia and Dylan has opened her heart and this love gives her the courage to do what she loves, and to live life to the fullest.  Anna is a firm believer that we all have a purpose in this life, and it is those pulls of passion that direct us on our path to living our true potential.